A national survey of 1057 randomly selected businesses in 6 categories was conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and the Harvard School of Public Health.
74% provide paid sick leave
21% provide sick leave to care for children
67% would note operational problems if 50% of workforce was off more than 2 weeksA doctor’s note is required for sick leave by 43% 
1%  The percentage of children who are now believed to be on the autistic spectrum (CDC)

99.5% Percentage of current circulating flu in the United States that is H1N1, as of Oct 23, 2009 (WHO)

53% of academic research faculty in the life sciences at top schools reported financial ties to industry. (Health Affairs)
EPM polled 290 EPs concerning healthcare reform
When asked about ways to increase efficiencies and decrease the monetary cost of a visit to the emergency department...

85% agreed that “No effective change in efficiencies can occur without significant medical liability reform and elimination of the Press-Ganey and other patient satisfaction surveys as a metric determining the focus of an emergency department.”   

When asked whether ACEP has taken the right position in the current debate on healthcare reform...

30% reported that they “Don’t know what position ACEP has taken.”

9% strongly agree with ACEP’s position

37% moderately agree, 14% moderately disagree and     9% strongly disagree
21.5%  The amount of physician reimbursement that Congress plans to lower for Medicare on January 1, 2010 if Congress fails to waive the Sustainable Growth Rate formula for another year. (AMA News)

3% The amount that Medicare claims it is spending on administrative cost.

33% The number of Americans who die while in the hospital (Reuters).

11.1 The amount (in millions) that an indigent mom received in a malpractice award from a children’s hospital ED because they supposedly failed to check the child for dehydration.
(St. Petersburg Times)

The number of hours an Australian family waited in the ED to have their child seen for a seizure (Canberra Times, Australia)
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