Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareI’m beginning to detest the casual overuse of the war metaphor for every issue coming down the pike. There was Johnson’s “War on Poverty” – how did that work out? – followed by the government’s “War on Drugs,” in which we tied up a third of our penal budget and introduced the single largest source of corruption in our border patrols, city police and judicial system.

Greg HenryI present to you, dear readers, a true conundrum, an intellectual Gordian knot of an unusual nature to challenge your thought processes. It will not, at first, seem as profound as the meaning of life or even what sandwich to order at Katz’s Delicatessen (“I’ll have what she’s having”). But it involves the roles of government, the basics of the First Amendment, religion and, heaven forbid, common sense. 

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTo those would-be ACEP leaders running for election in the fall, I’d like to pose a series of questions about where our specialty is heading. 

529240 10150960043523811 778584453 n Earlier this year, I informed readers of some sad news: My 13-year-old golden retriever, Tucker, had died. He'd made an appearance in the column when I unkindly outed him as a Platonist. Tucker went downhill quickly with two cancers. As he lost strength, lost the use of his hind legs and his pain increased, I knew I had to take him to the vet. He really was a good friend to me. Useless in all ways but a great friend. The influx of letters that I received following this news was truly moving. One reader went so far as to write a poem in Tucker's memory, which we'd like to share.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareIn October, the ACEP Council will meet in Chicago to discuss issues of the day. Let us pledge to confront the real issues – from workforce to end-of-life care – with clarity and courage.

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