Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareSometimes it takes an old dog to teach you new tricks

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTo mold great doctors, we need to broaden the foundations of undergraduate medical training – more Kant, less calc.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTwice the police saved my life... and twice I saved them from themselves

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareLet us not sacrifice human contact and self exploration on the altar of social media

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareFrom the exhibit floor to the council meeting, musings on emergency medicine’s biggest circus.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareGive me residents who are more than their CVs, doctors who base their practice on actual beliefs and values

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTwenty fourteen is the centennial of the first publication of Carl Sandburg’s love letter to Chicago, a city of life with all its good and bad; a place of vitality, energy, excitement and yes, the 2014 ACEP Scientific Assembly. The Committee could not have picked a better place.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTravel to medical training venues is becoming more painful. People in line to check-in at hotels want to comment openly on my column. Recently in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel – in the private check-in lounge no less – one of the PAs registering for the emergency medicine boot camp course I was teaching at wanted to vent her spleen and give me editorial direction. Enough already.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareI’m beginning to detest the casual overuse of the war metaphor for every issue coming down the pike. There was Johnson’s “War on Poverty” – how did that work out? – followed by the government’s “War on Drugs,” in which we tied up a third of our penal budget and introduced the single largest source of corruption in our border patrols, city police and judicial system.

Greg HenryI present to you, dear readers, a true conundrum, an intellectual Gordian knot of an unusual nature to challenge your thought processes. It will not, at first, seem as profound as the meaning of life or even what sandwich to order at Katz’s Delicatessen (“I’ll have what she’s having”). But it involves the roles of government, the basics of the First Amendment, religion and, heaven forbid, common sense. 

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