Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareOnly a quarter of what you need to be a great physician is evidence-based. The rest is a matter of the heart. 

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareDear ACEP leadership: As our national meeting approaches, continue to lean into honest, transparent debate, no matter the cost. Popularity is transient. Vision is not.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareSometimes it takes an old dog to teach you new tricks

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTo mold great doctors, we need to broaden the foundations of undergraduate medical training – more Kant, less calc.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTwice the police saved my life... and twice I saved them from themselves

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareLet us not sacrifice human contact and self exploration on the altar of social media

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareFrom the exhibit floor to the council meeting, musings on emergency medicine’s biggest circus.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareGive me residents who are more than their CVs, doctors who base their practice on actual beliefs and values

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTwenty fourteen is the centennial of the first publication of Carl Sandburg’s love letter to Chicago, a city of life with all its good and bad; a place of vitality, energy, excitement and yes, the 2014 ACEP Scientific Assembly. The Committee could not have picked a better place.

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareTravel to medical training venues is becoming more painful. People in line to check-in at hotels want to comment openly on my column. Recently in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel – in the private check-in lounge no less – one of the PAs registering for the emergency medicine boot camp course I was teaching at wanted to vent her spleen and give me editorial direction. Enough already.

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