The choice is simple: process or product. Do we support the simple checking of boxes or are we concerned with producing something real? We have seen what happens to countries that feel that the process is more important than their products: they lose. In America, there’s hardly a better example of this mindless checking of boxes – without a whit of care for outcome – as continuing medical education.

I have no interest this month in sounding like a malignant Luddite. I am not against all change; some change may actually be good.  But, we cannot confuse change with progress. The two have nothing to do with each other.

Depositions are not casual conversations or informal get-togethers providing you with an opportunity to prove your innocence. They are well-choreographed, deep-sea fishing expeditions designed to find the tools the plaintiff attorney needs in court to hang you on your own words. Be wise.  Be careful.  There are only two things you can never take back in this world, a bullet and your testimony in a deposition.

This month Oh Henry changes gears and follows Dr. Henry on the last shift of his iconic 42-year career.
Just because medical advice is offered free of charge does not free you from liability.
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Oh Henry - Roundtable
Ramblings of an aging mind on the conclusion of yet another ACEP Scientific Assembly  
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