The Fed wants to treat EPs like federal employees, but where is our federal liability coverage?
If we don’t set the standards, Washington bureaucrats will. 
How we treat the elderly in years to come will speak to who we are as EPs and as a nation 
Hey docs out there, listen up: the secret to building a career that will mature as you do is simple: know thyself and plan accordingly.  
Whether it’s rationing or retirement, the Sec. of Health must lead on hard questions 
Would you rather give narcs to a potential addict or withhold meds from a suffering patient?
EPs and administrators need to stop in-fighting and face sat scores as a team       
Sec. Health appointment suggests “more of the same” from Obama administration    
The Scientific Assembly has changed in three decades, for better AND worse.   
Essential data about ED boarding and helicopter transport of trauma patients  

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