hiring rmDear director: I want to hire a former resident colleague of mine. But since we’ve been out of residency, he’s settled two lawsuits and had another quality investigation. My Medical Staff Office tells me I won’t be able to get him credentialed. He’s a great guy and was a fantastic doctor as a resident. Shouldn’t I be able to hire who I want?

performance reviews rmDear Director: It’s a new year and although I’ve been in my chairman job several years, I’ve never done any kind of evaluation on the docs in my group. I give them annual bonuses but have started to wonder if they need more feedback. Do chairman typically do annual evaluations on their docs? 

AQ Blizzard rmDear Director: During a recent snow storm I couldn’t get in for a shift and I caught a lot of grief from my medical director about it. What’s my responsibility and what should I do if it happens again?

5 habits rmDear Director: As part of my New Year’s resolution, I want to focus on being a more successful emergency physician. But I’m a little stuck. How do you define success in emergency medicine, and how do I move in that direction?

check rmDear Director: My hospital CEO told me to make sure my group is donating to the hospital foundation this year. Don’t I give enough to the hospital every time I take care of an uninsured patient? Why should I be doing this?

fight rmDear Director: I recently had a nurse yell at me in front of everyone at the nursing station because I didn’t clean up after repairing a lac. It was an incredibly busy shift; I threw out the sharps but wanted to get back to work quickly so I left everything else for her to clean up. It had already taken her an hour to get everything out of the locked supplies closet so I could do my work. I think her behavior is inappropriate. What should I do?

72-Hour-RMDear Director, 
My CEO is concerned about our ED’s quality because we’ve experienced a recent increase in our 72-hour returns for admission. As an ED chairman, I know that quality is about more than one metric, so how seriously should I take this? 

UpstairsDownstairs RMHow many clinical shifts does your chair need to work in the trenches in order to stay current with what’s happening in the department?

open-book-prevDear Director,

I get paid based on my productivity, but I don't trust that my company is paying me accurately. How can I check? Do I have the right to look at the books?

comm-prev1Leadership is about having a vision and implementing a plan. Communication is the integral ingredient that links your vision to action. In order to provide the best and most efficient healthcare, particularly in a growing environment, everyone must be on the same page and I suspect you feel a constant need to update your team about the changes that are occurring. So the question becomes how do we get our colleagues to listen and retain the pertinent info?

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