Whether you love or hate patient satisfaction surveys, there are a few ways to avoid survey biases and make the most of the your numbers. 
A specialty divided on the fundamental issues of healthcare insurance reform can finally agree on one thing: The time for change is now.
Non-ABEM/AOBEM EPs won a strategic victory in October when the ACEP certification section voted to create a fellowship track for legacy physicians.
“Apparently I offended a nurse the other day when she questioned my orders. Even though I overheard her badmouthing me to others, I’ve been asked to apologize. I feel she should apologize to me— after all I’m the doctor. What should I do?”
JB, California
Dear Jeannette,
I’m a third year resident who was recently ending a difficult busy shift and was stuck trying to admit my final patient - an elderly male with diverticulitis. I was caught in a stalemate between the surgical and medical team and after four calls felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. As I turned around to ask my attending for help he snapped at me because the booking wasn’t complete. I could feel my eyes well up and made a quick escape to the bathroom where I sobbed for a few minutes, and then berated myself for a few more. I’m a good physician but worry that crying at work may negatively affect my reputation.
Two separate cases are underway, in Texas and Florida, through which AAEM hopes to challenge the contract management giant.
altPhysician activist Ron Elfenbein, MD, sounds off on how patient sat scores are bringing the emergency department to its knees.
How the Benjamins wind their way from a patient’s pocket to your paycheck (and where they get lost along the way).
Tennis shoes and bubble gum
Do you make your first impression your best impression?
continued from issue of June 07
Did the expert witness acurately represent what a reasonable emergency physician should know about ankylosing spondylitis? Was the emergency physician’s management of the patient appropriate? Your verdict plus a final analysis.  

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