Two separate cases are underway, in Texas and Florida, through which AAEM hopes to challenge the contract management giant.
altPhysician activist Ron Elfenbein, MD, sounds off on how patient sat scores are bringing the emergency department to its knees.
How the Benjamins wind their way from a patient’s pocket to your paycheck (and where they get lost along the way).
Tennis shoes and bubble gum
Do you make your first impression your best impression?
continued from issue of June 07
Did the expert witness acurately represent what a reasonable emergency physician should know about ankylosing spondylitis? Was the emergency physician’s management of the patient appropriate? Your verdict plus a final analysis.  
Gentlemen…Start Your Calculators!
I remember the first time I discussed compensation with an emergency physician, it was back in the mid 80’s. We were discussing a northwest contract and he was at the competing hospital in town. He asked, “What is the pay?” 
I confidently recited, “It is incentive-based compensation and you receive 36 percent of your gross charges.” Before I could finish, he started laughing. 

After years of debate, pay for performance is making its way into the books, courtesy of CMS. The question remains: how will it affect your practice?
The patient was having an MI, complicated by intermittent runs of ventricular tachycardia. Despite his serious condition, the good-natured patient, sensing the unspoken anxiety of the emergency physician, masked his fear by gently joking with the providers. As the nursing staff began initiating the ACS protocol, the EP stepped out of the room to call the cardiologist to activate the cath team. He returned only a few minutes later to find the resident and the nurses arguing in front of the now worried patient. 

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