Dear Director,
My hospital is making me undergo mandatory EMR training and I think I should get paid for my time. I also think I should get paid for attending our monthly staff meeting and a committee meeting. Don’t nurses get paid for these kinds of things?
-Frustrated Hourly Worker

Dear Director,
I received a complaint from an ED triage nurse that one of our emergency physicians yelled at her for getting an ECG on a patient that he didn’t think needed one. She told me she’s now afraid to order ECGs on anyone but a straight forward chest pain patient. How can I improve the communication in my department between the physicians and the nurses?

altDear Director,
I was just asked to take over as medical director of another ED in our hospital’s system. While I want to be a chairman one day, my kids are young and the timing just doesn’t seem good right now. Am I shooting myself in the foot for other jobs down the line if I say no now?

altThe warm weather has finally arrived, and the heat and humidity has just enrolled half your city into the Guns and Knives club.  It seems like all the local news is reporting on the horrific violence and alarmingly increasing rates of crime.  Everyone is talking about it, including the staff, physicians, and EMS who work in the ED...

altDear Director,
As a graduating resident, I’m wondering how much I need to worry about my internet image before I start applying for jobs. Will employers be concerned if they see potentially compromising pictures of me from when I was younger? If so, is there anything I can do to clean up my online reputation?
-Regretting the Keg Stands

Dear Director,
One of our doctors has had issues with
attendance and weight loss. Now, he just got a DUI. I’m sure there is a substance abuse problem. What are my responsibilities in this situation? Any suggested resources?

altDear Director,
I’m trying to take a real vacation this summer and get away from the office, but I have a hard time disconnecting from my cell phone and email.  Is it OK for me to fully disconnect, and how can I go about doing it responsibly?

Dear Director,
We’ve tried LEAN techniques and “thin slicing” but our average productivity still lags behind other EDs in our hospital’s network. What are some ways we can get docs to work more efficiently?

Dear Director,
I recently had my annual evaluation and it left me confused. It was entirely based on numbers and metrics, yet I feel I need to define my career success by more than that.

Dear Director,
I heard some colleagues in another institution talking about the pressure they’re under to reduce CT utilization. Should I start looking into this now, before I get the pressure, or can I afford to keep things business as usual?

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