Dear Director,
I recently received a complaint from a patient saying that I violated their privacy by asking questions when their family members were in the room. I thought if they let their visitor walk back with them before I saw them, they were allowed to hear our conversation. Am I in trouble?

Dear Director,
I’m completing my residency and as I look ahead at my first job, I just can’t see myself jumping right into a traditional ED setting. I want something more exciting; I want to travel. Is this a feasible dream? What are the consequences of delaying my first “real job” for a couple years?

Dear Director,
Although I’ve been a chairman for a while, I feel like I don’t have enough time to get all my administrative work done and I’m getting behind. How can I improve my efficiency in the office when I‘m wearing my chairman‘s hat?

Dear Director,
I know we’re not always going to agree with each other in the ED, or with the specialists that we call, but there are some physicians in our department who seem to find conflict at every turn. What are some strategies for keeping the peace while still fighting to advocate for our patients?

Dear Director,
I rarely see women in leadership roles in emergency medicine. Why do you think this is and what can I do to get an administrative position down the road?
-Jane Whitecoat

Dear Director,
Our physician assistants are fantastic and have functioned independently for a long time, but recently we had a bad outcome and now the hospital wants us to supervise all PA cases. This seems like a waste of time and it will slow down our docs. What do we do?

Dear Director,
I’ve served as the associate medical director in a few different ERs, only to be passed over when the department needed a new chairman. What am I doing wrong and how do I find out how to reach that next level or should I just count on being an associate director forever.

altMy hospital is spending a lot of time talking about 30-day readmissions and how the ER needs to stop admitting people. Frankly, I don’t understand how a readmission is an ER problem. Aren’t we taught that a patient returning to the ED is like a red flag warning giving us an opportunity to correct something?

altDear Director,
I’ve been in my position for a while and while I’ve been able to make some improvements with projects, I don’t feel like our ED has hit its potential yet. Are there any secrets to getting my agenda moved forward throughout the hospital?

altBefore I had kids, the only people who truly needed me as a matter of life or death were my patients. Looking back, life was relatively easy. When I was working, all my energy was focused on the ED. When I was off work, I did whatever I wanted.

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