Dear Director, My chairman has started handing out data about each individual’s productivity. I have received a lot of grief from her because I see 1.5 patients per hour while our group average is 2.0 pts/hr. I told her that I see less because I’m seeing all the sickies while others cherry pick the easy cases. I’ve been told I need to pick it up but I don’t want to compromise my care of these sick people. What should I do?
Doing All the Heavy Lifting
In this era of cost cutting and bundled payments it will become increasingly important for EPs to understand and defend their worth as physicians
I’m 3 years out of residency and while I thought I was a great resident, I find that I’m only an average attending. What happened and how can I take the next step to have the respect of my ED and hospital colleagues as a great physician?
Trying to Improve
H1N1 – the virus formally known as Swine Flu – is back and making headlines. Take steps now to prep your ED for the surge
Emergency department scribes save time, money and headaches. So why do so few EDs use them?
385 readers answered EPM’s health care reform survey. Here’s what you said:
This year the federal government unveiled the Emergency Care Coordination Center (known as the E-triple-C), an office within the Department of Health and Human Services designed to act as a coordinating focal point for emergency care in the United States. When EPM found out that there was a practicing EP, Mark Handrigan, at the helm of this fledgling division, we wondered if emergency physicians would finally have a strong representative voice in the federal government. Here’s what Dr. Handrigan had to say. 
The Health Care Reform Run-Down

President Obama has outlined eight principles that he expects Congress to achieve for health care reform. They all boil down to covering 46 million more people while spending less money overall and improving quality. Oh, and he wants it all done by mid September. Obama’s current public service announcements have focused on “insurance reform,” as opposed to health care reform, but make no mistake, no matter how you frame it, meaningful health care reform – with substantial cost containment – is still the goal. EPM examined the nine bills currently under consideration in the House and Senate.
Dear Boss,
I have been called by a couple of PMDs recently who said they don’t like talking to our mid-level providers who are caring for their patients in the ED. We have a busy ED and our MLPs see about 40% of our patients and although their admission rate is low, they definitely admit a few patients and have interaction with numerous attendings and consultants each day. How should I handle this?

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