Director's Corner 

Q. I’ve heard about a technique called “thin slicing” that’s used to increase efficiency. Does it work?
Director's Corner 
I have gotten several complaints from our hospitalist staff about one of my new physicians.
-Concerned about Dr. E.D. (Early Dispo) 
The key to pain management is to treat your patient the way you’d want to be  treated. But are EPs a part of the pain care solution or the problem?
After several years of development and testing, the American College of Emergency Physicians announced the launch of the Emergency Department Data Institute (EDDI) at its annual Scientific Assembly in October.
Directors Corner 

I have received a couple of patient complaints alleging that one of our doctors didn’t adequately examine them (the patient). When I reviewed the chart, the doc appears to have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. I spoke with the doc and he said he clearly remembered the patients and then asked, “How could I have made their diagnoses without examining them?” What are your thoughts? 
ACEP Gives the nation’s EDs a “D-”
Texas gets a rare “A” for tort reform   
House of Delegates debates “medical homes,” voluntary call, the SGR formula, among other topics.    
The true impact of public reporting of quality measures on emergency medicine 
Could Medicare’s new “Preventable Complications” policy bring your emergency department to its knees?

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