Surviving the Legal Jungle
>>Understanding these five stages can help you survive the process
When you are faced with the prospect of a medical malpractice lawsuit, emotions run wild. And while the road in front of you seems long and dark, there are proven ways of coping. There are methods for moving beyond the hurt and anger in order to handle the case with enough detachment to make wise decisions.
What do you say is the "Standard of Care"? 
and a final analysis of the case 
A 41-year-old male went to the emergency department complaining of sharp left-sided headache, runny nose, and productive cough which began the morning of presentation...
Many thanks to everyone that chimed in on the Standard of Care Case originally printed in June. Read on for the final analysis by William Sullivan, DO, JD.
Should the EP have given Haldol intravenously to this belligerent drunk?
A 68-year-old male was brought to the emergency department several times over the past month after being found intoxicated in public.
A 35-year-old presents to the ED complaining of a swollen tongue of several hours duration... 
Expert testimony: Know your rights
Some attorneys are using a strategy of subpoenaing physicians for fact testimony and then asking them opinion questions that amount to expert testimony. To fight this subpoena abuse, here’s a primer on expert witness court precedent. 
A 35-year-old presents to the ED complaining of a swollen tongue of several hours duration. On arrival, he is having difficulty breathing and speaking. He believes that he is having an allergic reaction to erythromycin that was prescribed by his primary care physician...
Break free from profiteering insurance companies
by starting an independent risk retention group   
Surviving the deposition, Part II
Sometimes survival means taking your own advice 

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