Surviving the deposition, Part II
Sometimes survival means taking your own advice 
That dreaded day arrives. And no it is not just a bad dream. That police officer at your front door is not ringing the doorbell to warn you of a prowler in the neighborhood. He has come to serve you with papers notifying you of a complaint filed by a patient, a patient you may or may not remember seeing.
You’ve come a long way. From the first summons to your bid for summary judgment, you’ve poured your heart and soul into this case. Why? Because you’re innocent, of course. And now you’re in court and you can see the finish line. One last hurdle stands in your way, and it may be your hardest yet. Your cross-examination could make you or break you, so do your homework and nail it. Here’s how.
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Is there a definitive standard? 
Your long-awaited, much dreaded court date has arrived. What should you wear? Which days should you attend? A few small adjustments could make a big difference.
Dear Director,
My contract seems written in code! I’m afraid I might get tricked into something I don’t want to agree to! Help!
So you got sued. You followed some much-needed advice and were able to nail the deposition. Here’s your guide to to the other pre-trial elements you don’t want to overlook.
altSo, you got sued.  You’ve gotten over the initial shock of receiving the summons and you’ve chosen an attorney. Now comes the most important part of your whole case: the pretrial deposition.
So, you got sued. How do you pick the right attorney?

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