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altAnother ACEP Scientific Assembly has come and gone. As the dust settles, Tech Doc Jason Wagner reviews a few of the shining stars from the exhibit hall floor.

altWe store our email online. Documents. Photos. Financial information. Various companies offer these services, and one -- Google -- does them all, very well, for free. Why not add health information to the mix?

When I left Manhattan for the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) annual meeting in Boston, I was ready for a change of scenery. We had gone live with a new information system in our emergency department just a month before. While the vendors thought it went smoothly enough, and the financial hit seemed (for the most part) mitigated, I was still fielding a lot of requests from my physician colleagues.

Your EMS disaster team is called in for a mass casualty caused by a building collapse and you are faced with several dozen patients pulled from debris with abdominal tenderness. A few years ago you would have had to rely on vital signs, external exam, and gestalt. Fortunately, today you brought your MobiUS portable ultrasound machine, the world’s first FDA-approved smarthphone-powered ultrasound device.

You are a couple of weeks away from renewing your state medical license and you realize that you are 10 hours short on your CME requirement for the year. How are you going to cram in 10 hours of CME between your hectic schedule at work and home?  This month we’ll take a step away from gadget reviews and explore the many and varied ways you can use the internet to cram the requisite CME into your life.

When emergency physician Harvey Castro asked a nurse to start a dopamine dose for a hypotensive patient one day, he watched the nurse leave the room, find the book that could guide her to the titratable dose, look in the index and then flip through until she found what she needed. Castro wondered, Isn’t there a more efficient way?

altThis update to the modern classic adds the ability to record, transmit, and simultaneously listen to the full range of frequencies. Is it an unnecessary upgrade, or a telemedicine game-changer?

altIt’s 3:00 a.m. in the small community hospital where you are moonlighting for the first time. Your thoughts are interrupted by a page from triage informing you that a four-year-old female was just brought in by parents after being struck by a car while riding her bike.

altHow many patients a day come to you in a C-collar? If your ED is anything like mine, you measure it by the dozen. The Clear Collar by Clear Advantage Collar, Inc. attempts to fill this void. But does it give up too much in the process?

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