altThe Portable CO-Oximeter:
Unsung Triage Workhorse
Innovation is the name of the game in medicine, but for every groundbreaking change there are a hundred that don’t see the light of day and dozens that don’t survive the shake-out of practicality. Of those that find their way into regular use only a select few can really be called “practice changing.” In this month’s article we’ll focus on the latter:  practice changers that have stormed the scene over the past few years.
When you talk to an emergency physician about electronic medical records and emergency department information systems, you’re likely to get a strong reaction.
...with the speed of a NASCAR pit crew

“This is Medic 10 with a level 1 MVC. Unable to obtain IV access. Vital signs are respiratory rate 8, heart rate 140, and blood pressure 60/Palp”
Have you filed your Medicare provider application? If not, better read the fine print.
While infrequently a critical event in the ED, epistaxis is often that little rock in the shoe of an otherwise smooth shift.
This month we continue our look at trends spotted at the ACEP Scientific Assembly held last October. 
alt Another ACEP Scientific Assembly has come and gone. One of my    favorite things to do at this convention is walk the exhibit floor and check    out the new toys and tools. The floor seemed a little barren in comparison  to years past – not to mention an overabundance of physician management  or recruiting firms – but there were still plenty of interesting ideas and  products out there. We’ll spend the next couple of articles looking at emerging products and ideas on the technology front. I will intentionally be avoiding systems technology such as computerized patient tracking as you really cannot properly review these products without implementing them in your ED.  
Pros:  It’s versatile, compact and extremely functional; it’s got it all.
Cons:  Slightly pricey for the value and a bit gimmicky.
Will you really use it?
New technology produces all blood types in vitro, but clinical uses are still far off
and more recent news in the world of EM

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