Topical RMOral NSAIDs are a mainstay for the treatment of low back pain, osteoarthritis, and other acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints. However, concern for side effects like GI bleeding, GI upset, and nephropathy limit their use. Topical NSAIDs can provide many of the same benefits as oral NSAIDs, with potentially fewer risks.

MJ brown RMInitial studies suggest that pediatric exposures are up, but adverse effects are low

Cipro RMBefore you travel abroad this summer, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Ciprofloxacin. Plus: Which popular travel destinations have tap water that is safe to drink? Take the quiz… then pack accordingly.

Doxycycline RMThe drug of Summer in the Southeast

rx pad RMEmergency medicine is dangerous work. Here’s a rundown of some of the greatest infection threats and their appropriate prophylactic agents

Dabigatran RMA target-specific oral anti-coagulant, dabigatran/Pradaxa™ proves that Warfarin isn’t the only game in town.

Adenosine rmwThis fundamental building block of life will stop your heart — just long enough to be useful

rxpad rmFlu season is upon us. The decision to treat with a neuraminidase inhibitor requires a risk-benefit analysis, and for many patients, the risks of side effects and the cost may outweigh the potential benefits. A 2014 Cochrane review was finally able to evaluate previously unavailable data, and found neuraminidase inhibitors are not all we had hoped.

drug rmClass A morning sickness medication gains FDA approval after decades of being misunderstood

rush-bottle rmIn this case study, a single administration of methylene blue resolved significant amyl nitrate intoxication and critical methemoglobinemia.

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