Rather than attempting to randomly pick successful funds from a massive list, have your group’s financial advisor create model portfolios for you to select from, which display options based on risk profile.  

Bundled payments and services could be costing your group’s retirement plan untold thousands. Here’s how to find the added charges, assess the damage, and break the bundle when necessary.

Does your group’s retirement plan put your interests first? Making sure your plan’s trustee takes the role seriously and hires a fiduciary advisor is the first step to safeguarding your retirement.

Forget your return rate. The most important factor in increasing the size of your portfolio is also the simplest: Save more money.

You did it! After years of struggling, studying, pinching pennies, watching non-medical friends make cash, buy houses, cars, etc. you’ve finally made it. As a senior resident, you’re now receiving offers that promise to quadruple your meager resident wages.

Many of you invest in taxable (nonretirement) accounts in addition to investing in your 401k or IRAs. For those accounts there are new tax rules this year that you have to follow. These rules pertain to how you report gains and losses. Getting this right can potentially save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

altI still don’t understand how emergency physicians can be classified as independent contractors. While you have some say in your shift schedule, you’re bound by rules you can’t control: you’re told how to do your job, how you’re paid, etc. That’s against the IRS definition of an independent contractor.

altBetting on the stock market might be closer to gambling at the roulette table than you realize. Stop trying to predict the future and diversify your risk.    

altLast time I discussed ways you can hang in there during tough markets. Let’s take a look at the consequences if you throw in the towel too early.

altHave you ever worked a shift where nothing clicked? The CT scanner was down. On call docs refused to admit patients. The nurses couldn’t get IVs. You felt helpless and couldn’t control anything. You might feel the same way with your investment portfolio.

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