While it’s true that paying off the mortgage may result in loss of liquidity, it is also true that regaining liquidity is not very difficult.
altGeorgia lawmakers are trying to change the language of the state’s ground-breaking tort reform statutes. The move would bring Georgia’s tort standard, reformed two years, more in line with other states.
Your home is your largest and most expensive physical asset. Inevitably, you’ll have thoughts of retiring your mortgage early by paying a lump sum or by making extra payments.
Do bumps in the DOW send you into sweats, or to the trading room floor? An understanding of your risk tolerance is an important step in managing a healthy portfolio. 
One key to maximizing reimbursement is knowing where you stand. Have you taken a close look at your numbers recently?
There’s a good chance that your pay isn’t keeping up with inflation.
A few basic strategies can help you beat the curve.
Q. Do I need it? And if so, what kind should I get?
Q. If the next president enacts universal healthcare legislation, how will it affect my reimbursements?
Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, the government is here to help. 
Q. Revenues and reimbursements seem to be decreasing at an alarming rate. I feel like I’m working more for less. What about reimbursement opportunities—do they even exist?

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