Peer Review with Christopher Carpenter, MD
“When a doctor says, ‘I don’t know,’ it is rarely a sign of weakness or ignorance. More often it’s a sign of a physician who knows and appreciates the limits of our science and is willing to be a partner. It’s an olive branch of commiseration about what is not, and a hopeful readiness for what is.”
-Excerpt from Hippocrates’ Shadow (Scribner, $26) 
altInternational Emergency Medicine
Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers are caused by Salmonella typhi and Salmonella paratyphi A,B and C. These organisms are distributed worldwide, but are most common in areas of poor sanitation and personal hygiene...
altEPs search for lifestyle “silver linings” to offset downsides in the emergency department  
12 abstracts that could change your practice today   
altOregon-based EP Paul Hochfel turned his frustration with the medica economic establishment into a documentary film, making his debut at the Boston Film Festival 
New editor-in-chief combines an educator's eye with real-world experience
Markers for sudden death in athletes 
Two EPs and a PA start non-profit to support The Gambia
Announcement by medical leaders could bolster emergency medicine momentum in developing countries. 

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