A new generation of physician leaders in Afghanistan means a chance at a fresh start. EPM’s own Steve Griffith, MD, reports his first-hand observations.
...and what makes his research reviews better than the rest?
The diva of disaster 
How many EPs attain the title of “disaster diva”? Christina Catlett did, in Mountain Hardware’s “Diva and Conquer” contest. She’s conquered nine mountains between 15,500 and 20,500 feet in the past four years. The disaster part? That would be her expertise in emergency preparedness and her disaster relief efforts on the ground for victims of hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita, among others. 

Whether in the thin air of base camp on Mount Everest, or a tent in hurricane-ravaged Louisiana, Dr. Catlett has found a way to combine adventure and emergency medicine into a career that suits her to a T.
How Bertrand Fote traveled from Cameroon to North Carolina, and into the field of emergency medicine.
I never thought the day would come, but it has finally happened. I am the oldest member of my group.

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