alt Paul Begala, a democratic strategist and CNN political contributor, is set to headline the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Boston next week. The former Clinton consultant makes no apologies about his health care politics, stating in a recent piece in the Washington Post that "it would be a bitter disappointment if health reform did not include a public option." Begala, who also writes that he is "skeptical, at best, of the Washington elite's worship of bipartisanship," may seem an odd choice for ACEP, given the fairly even political split within the college. In a recent interview, Angela Gardner, incoming ACEP president, stated that on "most polarizing issues in medicine, like the public option, half of our members feel one way, and half feel the other way." A recent EPM poll showed EPs divided 60/40 against a 'public option'. Given this political divide, it will be telling to hear the tenor of Begala's address, and to see how it is received.
If you will be attending the ACEP Scientific Assembly, drop by the Emergency Physicians Monthly booth (#1004) after the keynote address and give us your reaction. We'll be taping interviews and live blogging the event. Join the dialogue!
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# Propaganda Undeserving of Keynote Invitationdocmomer 2009-09-30 16:08
The selection of Paul Begala who is nothing but a propagandist for the leftist point of view is an insult to the thinking membership of ACEP. Those responsible for this choice show moral cowardice in deliberately excluding the free market/individu al liberty point of view. What are you afraid of?
The October meeting is an expensive SCIENTIFIC assembly where we come to hear critical thinking and facts. Instead we are being spoon-fed snake oil, lies, and propaganda. I look forward to the poll of attendees to reveal what the MEMBERSHIP of ACEP thinks about government forced take-over of medicine.
# Unbelievablehulk46md 2009-09-30 18:04
To have a balanced presentation on this topic would be the minimum expected from an organization that is supposed to be apolitical. The fact that Paul Begala is the only presenter, at the national level, on this issue speaks volumes about the leadership within ACEP. I have been wondering about the value of ACEP membership in recent months, this helps clairify my thoughts even more.
# No SurpriseCAVU 2009-10-01 02:11
Thankfully I figured out the value of ACEP 11 years ago shortly after completing EM residency. I would never waste my group's money by allowing them to pay for my ACEP dues. Another worthless physician organization just like the AMA.
# resigned from acep911DOC 2009-10-01 04:27
katherine crier (sp?) and paul begala. what do they have in common? leading emergency physicians? partners in the first male to female total hair transplant? secret lovers of zydeco music? mouthpieces for the left? ACEP keynote speakers? i pick most of the above. ACEP, there is a cure for anocraniocephal y, let me help.
# glad I will miss it 2009-10-01 15:15
Glad I will miss this. Will save my $$ on ACEP dues.
# Resigned Fellow StatusH. Ellemberger, M.D 2009-10-03 15:29
This was the last straw. I have resigned my Fellow status and canceled my membership. After receiving a response email from the ACEP President stating that their position was not political, this is even harder to believe. This speaker is too polarizing and supports us becoming government health care robots, and even worse, mandating that American citizens have health insurance. ACEP now joins the ranks of the AMA, another useless organization.

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