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I am just starting my final year of residency and while I know I want to practice community emergency medicine, I am thinking that I should do an ultrasound fellowship to help me get the best community job out there. Do I need a fellowship?
Fellow Wanderer
The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, chaired by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn), passed a health bill on July 15th that finally laid out the specifics of the biggest overhaul of health care in history. Here are the highlights.
There’s no doubt that emergency medicine is a buyer’s market. Every year demand increases and residency programs fail to turn out enough physicians to pick up the slack.
Fellow at the Center for Biosecurity
Chief Fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
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    • US confirms second death (33 year old pregnant woman from Texas)
    • 41 states have reported a total of 642 cases
    • At least 35 hospitalizations have occurred in the US
    • WHO reports 22 countries have reported cases (including Southern Hemisphere countries)
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    Has the media "cried swine" prematurely?  Perhaps.  Regardless, this virus has given us the opportunity to test our pandemic preparedness procedures and ability to respond to crisis.  Whether we will put our hard work to use now, this Fall or at some unrelated time in the future is yet to be seen.
    Seven pain plan pearls from an emergency department whose system-wide protocol never got off the ground.
    Broca's Area
    I’m a female emergency physician in my mid 30’s, one of my older male colleagues and I were recently involved in a really disturbing pediatric trauma...
    Director's Corner on Finding a Job
    Standard of Care
    With influenza season upon us, I wanted to take a new angle in the Standard of Care project this month. We’re not going to judge someone else’s care, we are all going to judge each other’s care.
    Many EPs plan to transition to urgent care after career in EM

    Those of us in the later stages of our full-time emergency medicine careers are asking what seems like an increasingly important question: ‘Is there life after EM?’

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