What McCain and Obama are saying about universal health care
Survey Says: I love the ED camaraderie, but when I get home, I need some space!
Mental Health

Have you lost that lovin' feeling
or are you just hitting your groove?
Get the scoop on news within the field of emergency medicine 
Who can I talk to about my depression without immediately going under the microscope and losing my license?
Let me speak to the women in the house (men, you can listen in)
Are depression & suicide ignored when they strike emergency physicians?
Survey Says: Many EPs Suffer in Silence
Going Global
Terry Mulligan, in the Netherlands with daughter Louisa, is one of many American EPs dedicated to promoting the specialty around the globe.  
When you interview for a position, discovering the qualities of your potential director can be as critical as those you show yourself.  
Learn to spot mass psychogenic illness in the ED and take steps to keep your head, regardless of the circumstances.  

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