Reglan-prevFor years the EP’s first choice for treating gastritis, Reglan should be used with caution if patients have Parkinson’s disease or are on antipsychotics.

salim-prevPatients with corneal abrasions typically present to the emergency department with eye pain. Even though we use topical anesthetics to facilitate the exam, most physicians discharge these patients with just oral or topical NSAIDs and antibiotics. Under this regimen, the patient’s eye pain often worsens after leaving the ED and may not substantially improve for days.

EPM presents a weekly rundown of critical reads from around the web, along with commentary by EPM senior editors. This week, we look at stories from Pacific Standard, Fortune, and Vox about football-related brain injuries, Walmart's latest foray into medical marketing, and quality-based pay for healthcare providers.

gag-order-resp-prevIn July, Emergency Physicians Monthly published an editorial letter spelling out – and challenging – a recent gag order placed by ACEP on incoming council leaders. The rule, likely created in response to Greg Henry’s plan to interview each incoming ACEP president, declared that “Communications and/or interviews regarding candidacy in emergency medicine newsletters or publications other than those published by ACEP are prohibited.”

Dr. Debra Perina lives a double life. Her “day job” is Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Prehospital Care division at the University of Virginia. In this capacity she has risen to national leadership, serving as a past president of ABEM and CORD. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors of ACEP. Dr. Perina’s second life is as a state appointed medical examiner. In that capacity, she responds to the scene of unexpected deaths, decides manner of death, and determines whether there is a need for an autopsy or other forensic evidence collection. Perina’s two lives began to intersect several years ago when, as a medical examiner, she began to see a troubling trend.

football-prevIt is a Friday evening in September and you are notified that EMS is bringing in a 17-year-old athlete who sustained a head and neck injury while playing high school football.

EPM presents a weekly rundown of critical reads from around the web, along with commentary by EPM senior editors. This week, we look at stories from the New York Times, the BBC, and CNN about the consequences of making rushed diagnoses, the ebola outbreak in West Africa, and an ebola vaccine that's about to enter human trials.

cdc-ebola-quarantine-map-prevAmid the worst outbreak of the Ebola virus in recorded history, and with the second infected American scheduled to arrive in Atlanta tomorrow, there have been concerns that the disease could spread in the United States. 

In this new weekly series, EPM will curate a must-read list of medical links from around the web, along with the comments and analysis of our executive editorial team.  

judy-icem-prevOn June 11, EPM Editor-in- Chief and renowned educator Judith Tintinalli took to the stage in Hong Kong to address the 2014 International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM).

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