alexblaumd bw-prevYou’ve raised $81 million in investments and your physician membership now exceeds that of the AMA. What’s next? If you’re Doximity it’s time to dream big. This physician social networking powerhouse is setting its sights on real- time care coordination and health interoperability. EPM’s Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD caught up with fellow emergency physician Alex Blau, Doximity’s Medical Director and VP, to learn about Doximity’s value for EPs as well as their challenges and next steps.

cohn-insulin-prevDiabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) remains one of the more serious complications of diabetes. DKA management usually involves the continuous infusion of intravenous regular insulin, as recommended by both the American Diabetes Association and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes.

ep-7-swat-prevAfter what I called "the best episode yet" of NBC's The Night Shift, it's a return to form this week, with characters responding to the (frankly unbelievable) events unfolding around them, rather than driving the action.

oxygen-prevYour ED patient with recurrent seizures is doing much better, so why is the non-rebreather still on? It was placed half an hour ago by a well-meaning nurse, but never removed. Meanwhile, EMS brings in another patient with chest pain. You notice the patient has a nasal cannula, even though he was satting fine on room air, and breathing comfortably. If you don’t take proactive steps, that nasal cannula may stay on throughout the ACS workup.

portfol-growth-prevI’ve reviewed hundreds of accounts and portfolios for many physicians over the past several years, and no matter what their age or whether they have financial advisors, I keep hearing the same complaint: “The stock market is at a record high, but my investment returns have been poor.”



ep-6-prevFirst, a confession: I watched this episode right after my own ED night shift. So I'm a little tired, a little strung out on caffeine. And I’m even less tolerant of histrionics, which is often this show’s calling card. 

But I’ve got to say, this was Night Shift's best episode. It actually made me optimistic for the series, which just got renewed for a 14-episode block.

cb-prevCode Black, the recently released documentary by filmmaker and physician Ryan McGarry, provides a harrowing and enlightening window into the front lines of healthcare. Filmed during McGarry’s residency at Los Angeles County General Hospital, Code Black recounts the history of the C-Booth, the trauma bay at LA County where, arguably, modern emergency medicine was born. The documentary chronicles the experiences of a group of resident physicians as they fight to help patients who have nowhere else to turn, amid the demands of a system that seems more interested in paperwork and profit than people.

ep-5-prevIt’s episode 5 of NBC’s The Night Shift! 

That means it’s time for the passion that’s been building up between the two lead ED doctors for … the past few weeks … to explode! 

stack-web-prevAt the recently concluded Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates, by far the best and most significant news was that our very own Steve Stack, an emergency physician from Kentucky, was elected President-elect of the AMA. He is the first emergency physician to be elected to this position and will be the youngest AMA president in more than 100 years. We indeed have come a long way. As usual, there were a plethora of resolutions ranging from e-tobacco initiatives to condom use in sex films. Here are the highlights.

gag-order-prevGreg Henry seldom fails to deliver on a promise. But this time, it looks like it’s out of his control. Earlier this year in the pages of Emergency Physicians Monthly, Dr. Henry outlined what he saw as some of the most important issues confronting our specialty to be addressed by our
representatives on the ACEP Council. In his column he promised to conduct objective, but pointed interviews with each Council candidate so that the membership could hear their views on these important issues.

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