altThis month EPM asked 17,003 emergency physicians how they felt about tPA and stroke.
1,333 physicians (7.8%) responded. Here’s what you told us:

altThe jury is still out among EPs as to whether tPA helps more than it hurts, yet ACEP has forged ahead with clinical guidelines which seem to ignore controversial findings. 

Emergency Physicians Monthly has teamed up with the board prep pros at Rosh Review to bring you a mini board review, so that you can test yourself on a regular basis and track your progress. The following is the test – and answers – from the June edition of Emergency Physicians Monthly. Questions about the test? Talk back on Twitter @epmonthly.

In this age of budget cuts and health care reform it is becoming increasingly important for each medical specialty to prove its value, and back those assertions up with real data. It is not uncommon in these discussions for emergency medicine to come under attack as cost-cutting policies hone in on reducing ED visits for non-urgent care.

altIn her inaugural issue, we take a few minutes to learn a little bit about what makes this textbook author and world-renowned educator tick.

In 2001, Bernard et al published a piece in the New England Journal of Medicine that changed the way physicians treated severe sepsis. PROWESS asked whether, among patients with severe sepsis, activated protein C might improve survival. The study was so successful, according to researchers, that it was halted early.

altA 31-year-old male was brought in by ambulance after attempting to hang himself. He was found hanging from a tow rope in the back yard by his brother who immediately cut him down. He was unconscious when he was cut down and had been hanging for an unknown amount of time.

altBoarding admitted patients in the ED is as bad for patient care as it is for the hospital’s bottom line. So why aren’t more CEOs bringing this pervasive problem to an end?

Never before have the cold, hard numbers behind emergency medicine been more accessible. Know how to access the data that will help your department anticipate new challenges.

altEPM’s Ricardo Martinez sits down with healthcare economist Dr. Mark McClellan to discuss the future of medical homes and the evolving role of emergency medicine.

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