biceps-rupture-prevA 45-year-old-male presents with sudden onset of right arm pain. He reports that he was lifting a heavy piece of machinery when he heard a sudden popping sound and now complains of significant swelling to his right arm.

seizures-prevIn January, 2014, the American College of Emergency Physicians revised its policy on 'ED Evaluation and Management of Seizures in Adults’. Dr. Rhonda Cadena, a neurointensivist and emergency physician educator at UNC, breaks down the critical updates.

guarisco-mainThe use of mid-level providers has become increasingly controversial as the workforce realignment in emergency medicine picks up steam. Even the naming structure is unclear – mid-level provider, advanced practice clinician, advanced practice provider? It’s enough to make your head spin.

malingering-prevHow do you know when a patient is lying about his symptoms, condition and history? The short answer is “you don’t.” But, as this case study will demonstrate, you need to use all your senses, especially your powers of observation.

EPM presents a weekly rundown of critical reads from around the web, along with commentary by EPM senior editors. This week, we look at stories from the New York Times, ABC, and Pacific Standard about redesigned hospitals, medically ill-informed celebrity rants, and handling the night shift.

raves-2-prevDrug-fueled electronic dance festivals – like this month’s Electric Zoo in New York – shine a light on the need for advanced emergency management at mass gatherings. 

bukata-mugWhen you begin to look at blood transfusions as liquid tissue transplants, you realize that this routine procedure bears real risks and should be handled accordingly.

rural-em-prevWhen you’re practicing in the middle of nowhere, planning out a timely patient transfer can be as critical as securing an airway . . . and a lot more difficult.

DNR-prevEmergency care at the end of life is shrouded in myth and misinformation. Debunking these five fallacies will help you improve EOL care and communicate better with patients and their families.

3Glass-prevGoogle Glass has the potential to revolutionize the way we practice emergency medicine. In this article, we consider three novel uses for augmented reality in the ED.

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