altSenator John Barrasso was “Doctor” Barrasso, an orthopedic surgeon from Casper, Wyoming, long before he came to Washington. So, after the passage of broadsweeping healthcare reform, it came very naturally for him to offer a physician’s perspective on the floor of the Senate. Since then, he’s given these “second opinions” about the unintended consequences of healthcare reform nearly every week. presents the top 10 smartphone applications that can save a patient’s life … before they get to the emergency department.

A physician recently emailed me with a question (paraphrasing): “Our lab recently switched over to using the new highly sensitive troponins’ and we’re confused. What do we do with a positive troponin?”

Next November, when Americans enter the polling booths, there will be five emergency physicians who are either seeking re-election or running for a seat in the US House of Representatives.

What makes a successful consult call? New research has resulted in “The 5 Cs”: Contact, communicate, core question, collaborate and close the loop.

Knowing the actual probability that a patient will have a bad outcome can help you communicate risk to a patient or family, and allow them to share in the decision-making process.

altWhen asked about the future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the possibility of its repeal, Dr. Steven Stack responded, “The law is a game changer, and we needed a game changer. Instead of repeal, repeal, repeal, we should be looking at how to fix the things that are clearly wrong in it and go forward.”

altI often get asked to give presentations on what I think are the most important articles of the year. Clearly, one’s perspective regarding what is important varies from individual to individual, however, I tend to gravitate to articles that look at systems issues and those that I think can have a major impact on how we practice clinically.

altWhen managing acute and chronic pain in the emergency department, EPs struggle to walk the line between being cold-hearted cynics and becoming sugar daddies.

A response to the backlash following last month’s op/ed “Life Cycle of a Parasitic Specialist” Normally, we would allow an opinion piece to stand as just what it is, an opinion. After all this is America and we still have free speech. However, in this case, the vitriol and vulgarity of the responses to an opinion piece demanded an explanation from the editors who published it.

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