Dr. Chris Carpenter speaks with Art Sanders, MD, one of the authors of ‘Chest compression-only CPR by lay rescuers and survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest’ (JAMA 2010)

To survive and prosper under healthcare reform emergency medicine (EM) must redefine and reinvent itself. EM will not be able to continue doing business as usual, standing on the Prudent Layperson dictum that “the patient defines the emergency.”

From the incomprehensible disaster in Cambodia to senseless injuries during Black Friday shopping, human stampedes are a present reality in emergency care that can be studied, predicted and ultimately avoided.

Please take a moment to fill out the following brief survey on the impact of personal conflict within the emergency department:

Year after year, the suit rate against Medical Justice members has been well below the national average. The average doctor is sued at a rate of 8-10% per year. Medical Justice members are sued at a rate of under 2% per year. And Medical Justice is top-heavy with high risk specialists from high risk states. How do they do this?

I had the esteemed pleasure of consulting with the Chilean Health authorities on the recent entrapment of the 33 Chilean miners. The Chilean authorities asked for NASA’s help because of the space program’s work in enclosed harsh environments. To say that the disaster was challenging is an understatement.

altOne thing is clear in the current political landscape: Americans are fed up with the status quo and they’re looking for fresh ideas. Those frustrations laid the foundation for a historic shake-up in Congress last November, and helped push a man named Joe Heck to a slim victory in the House of Representatives.

Dr. Colfer and Dr. Sullivan offer the point and counter point on the subject of patient sat scores.
>>Sat Scores Are Helpful & Necessary
>>Sat Scores Are Harmfully Misleading

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