altEPM investigates why starting salaries for women emergency physicians appear to be nearly $13,000 lower than male counterparts.

Emergency physicians may be the “jack of all trades” but we are the kings and queens of conflict management. If we define conflict as the simple mismatch between two parties’ expectations, EPs start holding court before we have even buttoned up our white coats.

Every shift, emergency physicians care for patients they don’t know in a time-pressured and overcrowded environment. Given that the majority of patients in the emergency department have non-life-threatening conditions, physicians are easily lulled into a false sense that the patient laying before them has a benign condition.

EHR drug-drug interaction warnings may ultimately save lives, but does the collateral damage of “alert fatigue” negate the benefit?

altIt is hard to think of anything that is more iconic in the practice of emergency medicine than the Sellick Maneuver: application of cricoid pressure to prevent aspiration during intubation and to improve laryngeal visualization.

altEPs share first-hand accounts of train wrecks, close calls & potentially-disastrous errors

Intubation has unique educational challenges because of severe time restrictions and patient risk. Repetitive practice cannot be done on the same patient to separate and examine the components of the procedure in real time. As a result, most clinicians improve their skills slowly, through cumulated experience of trial and error. Intubation should involve a planned strategy to achieve first pass success, prevent hypoxemia and avoid aspiration. This article highlights two of the most common errors of direct laryngoscopy, and how to avoid them.

Recent retail clinic comparison studies highlight the need for EDs to take a hard look at patient value and sub-par service. 

EPM executive editor Mark Plaster sat down with emergency medicine opinion leaders and informaticists for a candid discussion about the future of electronic medical records (EMR) featuring Rick Bukata, MD; Bruce Janiak, MD & Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD

Cramped airline seats might be putting you at more risk than you realize. Luckily, there are evidence-based strategies for safer travels.

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