Crashcart RMThis week's crop of critical reads from around the web, along with commentary by EPM senior editors. This week we talk about the potential negligence in the Texas Ebola case, the skyrocketing generic drug costs, the medical issues and safety of inmates, and a drug-resistant bacteria found in the trenches of WWI.

Crashcart RMThis week's crop of critical reads from around the web, along with commentary by EPM senior editors. This week we talk about computers that recognize tumors, doctor rating systems, and why we don't take selfies with patients.

billboard RMWe put a man on the moon; surely we can shorten the wait in the emergency department. Two recent studies give practical steps for changing a department’s throughput trajectory.

Rx Pad 1 RMWith recent vancomycin shortages, it’s important to know what other drugs can be used to treat MRSA

spine board RMReflexively placing a patient in spinal immobilization can adversely affect breathing and airway management, but do those possibilities outweigh the dangers of not immobilizing?

Canary RMUsing contrast in CT scans has been thought to cause acute kidney injury, renal replacement therapy and even death. But is this just a case of confounding bias?

safeharbor RMIn the last session of Congress, an unlikely duo joined forces to tackle tort reform from a new direction. Could their bipartisan bill finally cut healthcare costs by reducing defensive medicine?

Greg-Henry-BW-enews-squareAt the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Chicago, EPM teamed up with MedPage Today to bring readers a series of video interviews with EM thought leaders. First up is Dr. Greg Henry, talking about the ED workforce quagmire and the ACEP gag order.

Dalbavancin RMIs this expensive new therapy worth the cost? Maybe. With a half life of two weeks, once-weekly Dalbavancin might reduce admissions, but it introduces new concerns about antibiotic resistance and high costs.

Washington RMIn a risky show of brinksmanship, Washington physicians supported an effort to deem pysch boarding unconstitutional. The question remains as to whether they will get relief from EMTALA, and if the state will open up enough new psych beds

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