This is the 4th episode of “The Night Shift” that I’ve endured watched. If you’ve seen it and you work in an ED you most likely know how I feel. I started off trying to find it’s redeeming qualities but its been tough.

Here’s the play by play (some names have been changed to protect the... well, because I can’t get myself to remember the real character names).

We start off the episode with a one-dimensional portrayal of the age old Christian Scientist who eschews treatment vs. the altruistic doctor-scientist dilemma. The dude gets shot and has a bracelet that says “do not treat” which Dr. Hot-Ex-Girlfriend promptly cuts off because she knows what’s good for him. Later, she helps Dr. Caveman-Hero diagnose and treat him for NMS and the dilemma somehow melts away without consequence.

We flash over to Dr. In-The-Closet and witness his heroic behavior in the face of a homophobic military colleague that is injured. That storyline portrays an ankle fracture/dislocation reduction and a bowel repair about as reality based as unicorns.

Meanwhile Angry-Admin-Guy accidentally takes MDMA, Dr. Hot-New-Girlfriend gets in a tiff with Dr. Hot-Ex-Girlfriend but they make up (phew...). Dr. Intern learns a lesson about checking EKGs, Dr. Caveman-Hero convinces a paramedic to lie about the Christian Scientist, and Dr. Family-Guy gets a vasectomy.

At the end, Dr. Hot-Ex-Girlfriend’s terrible night is redeemed when her long distance boyfriend surprises her in the ambulance bay in his red Porsche. Turns out it’s her birthday and she thought nobody remembered... until now (awwww...). Dr. Caveman-Hero witnesses their PDA and sulks away, ungiven gift in his hand.

I don’t leave these episodes with much. The medical drama is corny and unrealistic. The human drama is at junior high school level. You’re probably better off with “ER” reruns for medical drama. And, if you want adolescent human drama (who doesn’t now and then) then go watch Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club. Seriously, it’s a much better use of your time.




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