1 Don’t look back. I’m proud to say that each generation of EM residents moves to a higher plane of learning than past generations. The depth and breadth of learning in emergency medicine parallels the lightning-fast growth of knowledge that characterizes modern medicine. Keep it up!

2 Residency is just the beginning. Decide how you learn best. Solitary reading, seminars, meetings, e-learning – there are many ways to keep up to date. Reverse your role from teacher to learner.  Take up a new sport, a new activity, develop new interests. You’ll develop patience with yourself and learn how easy it is to make mistakes.

3 Participate. Keep up critical memberships, especially as they apply to your professional life. Emergency medicine organizations are working for you, and for your patients. Even if you don’t have the time to contribute to committees or other activities, membership is the foundation of each organization’s work.

4 Develop a mission. Today’s EM has a wealth of missions for you to choose from: global development, political, economic, administrative, clinical, educational. We honor our EM founders by picking up the mission where they left off.


Judith tintinalli, MD is Author of Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine.
Editor-in-Chief of EPM


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