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# MDDree Daugherty 2011-01-04 08:04
I have had much more conflict with computer issues, especially now that our hospital refuses to pay for our dictations and we have switched to Powernotes and Dragon. Very distracting, disturbing and has seriously affected my ability to practice emergency medicine.
# Mann Bernhardt 2011-01-10 12:32
I worked in a rural hospital in which the administrator came to the
ed and triaged patients according to their ability to pay. Also, it was routine for consultants to refuse care to the poorly insured. They neither understood nor cared to understand emtala law.
I didn't get over it. I resigned. If I knew how, I would report them.
# M.D.Gregory J. Sviland 2011-01-10 17:57
Most conflicts that I have seem to come from false expectations of what I can or should provide to patients in the emergency room (E.G. "I have this rash for one year, can you tell me what it is?", or "I want an MRI because my doctor has not ordered me one and I have this pain for 3 months already", or "what do you mean you can't tell me if I have a heart problem unless I am admitted for a stress test?")

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