Burnout RMDear Director: It’s getting harder for me to wake up every day excited to go to work in the ED. I just don’t like what’s happening in the department. I’m not sure I can continue for another 15 years. What do I do?

Chest RMEmergency physicians love their autonomy, but adopting the right clinical protocols and “pathways” can result in safer, more efficient care.  

books rmNon-medical reading material to improve and expand your skills in management

hiring rmDear director: I want to hire a former resident colleague of mine. But since we’ve been out of residency, he’s settled two lawsuits and had another quality investigation. My Medical Staff Office tells me I won’t be able to get him credentialed. He’s a great guy and was a fantastic doctor as a resident. Shouldn’t I be able to hire who I want?

performance reviews rmDear Director: It’s a new year and although I’ve been in my chairman job several years, I’ve never done any kind of evaluation on the docs in my group. I give them annual bonuses but have started to wonder if they need more feedback. Do chairman typically do annual evaluations on their docs? 

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