Sepsis RMDear Director: I heard that there is a new core measure related to sepsis that will “go live” on October 1st. My hospital VP of quality wants to set up a series of meetings over the next few months to plan for the measure. I feel like we already provide good sepsis care. Do I really need to attend all these meetings?

EMTALA RMDear Director: A patient complained to our CEO that their EMTALA rights were violated when we transferred them. Now I have to prove to our administration that everyone knows what EMTALA is and is compliant with it. Is there anything I could have done to prevent this situation, or is it just inevitable?

Burnout RMDear Director: It’s getting harder for me to wake up every day excited to go to work in the ED. I just don’t like what’s happening in the department. I’m not sure I can continue for another 15 years. What do I do?

Chest RMEmergency physicians love their autonomy, but adopting the right clinical protocols and “pathways” can result in safer, more efficient care.  

books rmNon-medical reading material to improve and expand your skills in management

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