As NASA accepts emergency physician Andrew Morgan into the astronaut program, EPM takes a look at space medicine, and why EPs are so well suited for the unpredictable life on the final frontier

Incoming ACEP president Angela Gardner (pictured with Chuck Grassley (R-IA) talks about lobbying, legislation and her blue sky goals for the American College of Emergency Physicians
Interview by Logan Plaster
alt Paul Begala, a democratic strategist and CNN political contributor, is set to headline the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Boston next week. The former Clinton consultant makes no apologies about his health care politics, stating in a recent piece in the Washington Post that "it would be a bitter disappointment if health reform did not include a public option."
altNick Jouriles never thought he’d be the ACEP president. “Not in my wildest dreams,” he said in a recent interview. But this month will mark the end of his tenure at that very position. 
They call me stan.
I was born in a factory, hand-made by skilled workers who painstakingly assembled all of my intricate parts into a life-sized replica of a human being. I talk, blink, and breathe; I can belch and vomit; my pupils react to light; my heart pumps; my bowels gurgle; my lungs respire. I can take an endotracheal tube, IV lines, a chest tube, a foley catheter, and CPR. You see, I’m a high-fidelity, computer-based, medical simulation mannequin. And they call me Stan. Let me tell you my story.

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