Now It’s Called The Joint Commission?

JCAHO quietly changed its name. Now it wants to be known as the Joint Commission. Joint Commission. Joint Commission. Joint Commission.

I have to write a letter to my congressman. This name leads to confusion. How are healthcare practitioners supposed to function if they don’t know what the organization stands for?

Does it refer to a joint effort at a charitable mission? Even I know that one’s not true. A bunch of plumbers fixing plumbing joints? Maybe a gaggle of rheumatologists? Or could it be a clandestine group of medical marijuana advocates? Maaaaybe its a bunch of neer-do-wells that are jointly plotting the commission of some heinous acts. Wouldn’t want people like that looking over my shoulder.

We have to force them to change their name. Way too confusing. Might lead to phone call errors. Could be bad outcomes. In fact, there was a study in Kazakhstan clearly demonstrating health care in that country was adversely affected when their national health ministry went by a similar name.

I’m starting a petition.


The only problem is that I don’t know what the Joint Commission’s name should be changed to. Any suggestions??


See what I mean?

16 Responses to “Now It’s Called The Joint Commission?”

  1. enrico says:

    Joint Commission on Masturbatory Statistical Correlation

  2. Ramses II says:

    The Collaborative Committee Which Once Thought Joint Commission Was a Good and Sufficient Name.

  3. Nurse K says:

    United States Department of Inanity and Clipboards

    US DICs

    • namerequired says:

      JCAHO has nothing to do with the gov. It’s a private, for-profit company.
      You’ve been fooled…which is their intent.

  4. SeaSpray says:

    ROTFL! :)

    I think 1 & 3 (in that order)together would be perfect!

    And hilarious!! And they need a logo or something symbolic. :)

  5. Eric says:

    Nothing I’m coming up with is printable even in a non-family newspaper.

  6. ndenunz says:

    The Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

  7. EEJ says:


  8. Dr. Greenbbs says:

    I’m just going to call them assholes, because that’s what they pretty much are.

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  10. Kate says:

    Was that recent? From what I’m reading, they announced that way back in Feb. I thought that was something recent and looked it up since it would have been a perfect article to bring in for my Health Admin. class…too bad it’s not.

  11. EEJ says:


    I believe he said “quietly changed it’s name”, not “recently changed it’s name”.

    The whole idea of the “quietly” part is probably supposed to allude to the fact that the author just noticed it.

    I try to keep up with medical news, and I didn’t know about it until this post.

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  13. Ed Flinn says:

    Wide-stancer’s tape-dance troupe.

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