“Don’t Leave Me Yet”

An extremely powerful story about an intern on her first day in the emergency department in Medscape Emergency Medicine

Some of my most vivid memories of emergency medicine involve situations such as hers.

Wish I could forget them sometimes.

5 Responses to ““Don’t Leave Me Yet””

  1. VetRn says:

    Please don’t forget them. These memories and emotions are what keep those of us in healthcare human.

  2. What a sad & moving story. And that was just her first day. How do you deal with that day after day without it destroying your emotional well-being? I don’t think I’d have the strength for such an occupation.

  3. tyro says:

    Good to remember while we all go on and on about defensive medicine. With the really sick ones, it’s not an issue. Thanks for the post.

  4. Dr. Greenbbs says:

    reminds me of my first day of flight medicine.

    first patient I had: a 6 year old drowning victim who was in VFIB, that we transported as 3 news helicopters and the local media were fixated on us coming out of an ambulance and into our bird.

    kid ended up dying……and nothing anyone could’ve done would have saved him…he was under water for about an hour and a half in a cool, yet still seasonable lake erie…..

  5. wrongful says:

    Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

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