The “Scout” Film

Below is the “scout film” prior to a patient’s chest CT.
Normally lung fields should be dark-colored – like on patient’s left chest (viewer’s right). The “white out” on the right side of the patient’s chest is a pleural effusion.

Weird with him wearing glasses. It’s almost as if the patient is looking down at his lung while the scan is going on.

Just another reason not to smoke cigarettes. Cancer sucks.


9 Responses to “The “Scout” Film”

  1. mid westwoman says:

    that is eerie…it looks like christ hanging on the cross

  2. Chrys says:

    Yes, it does.

  3. Strong One says:

    Wholly snow covering batman!

  4. Nurse K says:

    He’s probably looking for the drain that supposed to be over there.

  5. scalpel says:

    Henceforth, that will be known as the “WhiteCoat Sign”

  6. Great photo. Love the glasses. We publish image articles in every issue and are always looking for interesting photographs with a teaching point. We linked your blog to ours.

    Pamela Powers, MPH
    Managing Editor

  7. rogue medic says:

    Maybe he’s been huffing whiteout. :-)

    Considering how little is still dark, I’m guessing his respiratory rate is easily over 30.

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