Killing Lice …

… is easier using over the counter products such as Nix along with a fine-toothed comb to get rid of nits.

Dousing your head with gasoline isn’t the way to go. Aside from causing a host of physical symptoms, the fumes from the gasoline can also explode and burn you … badly.

12 Responses to “Killing Lice …”

  1. Rogue Medic says:

    Let’s hope she is not following some new internet treatment recommendation. Otherwise, there will be more like this.

  2. HyperAl says:

    In some third world countries, dousing your head with kerosene, letting it soak for 10-15 min, then rinsing with soap and water is common practice for treating head lice. I don’t know if it is currently practiced. Thank God it’s not as volatile and flamable as gasoline otherwise we’ll have more accidents like this.

  3. Don Salva says:

    OMG, I’m sorry, but this is just hilarious.

    It never cases to amaze me how stupid a human being can be..

  4. did you get a plastic consult on that one or did you refer him to outpatient care…just kidding. (dog mauling incident chicago) Did the fumes actually spontaneously explode or did he light up a marlboro while he waited for the gasoline to work? If it was the latter then smoking is very very very bad for your health.

  5. ERP says:

    File that under “Bad Idea”.

  6. mj says:

    Head lice…(sigh) As an elementary school nurse, I’ve seen more of them than I care to think about, but at least my head no longer itches at the mere mention of the word, and in a wierd way I guess I could consider them job security. You’d be amazed at the things people submit their children to if they think it will kill the lice. Pet shampoo, flea spray, roach spray, nail polish remover, alcohol, if it’s poisonous or flammable it’s probably been used by a parent somewhere. Ignorance abounds, I can give them the information, but I can’t make them use it. (sigh)

  7. cynic says:

    She gets a double darwin award nomination for this. One for turning herself into a human matchstick and secondly for being engaged at 18.

  8. mb says:

    While as stupid as this person is, at least she didn’t intentionally set the hair on fire in an attempt to kill the lice. I’d still like to know though how the heck she had enough fumes near her hair that the water heater pilot light managed to set it off. One would think that if it was just the container of gas having fumes in the house/apartment that the place would have had a fire ball with the other fumes too.

  9. EEH says:

    This also happened to a young girl here in Denver a few years back. A babysitter put gasoline on her head to kill lice and the gas stove in the kitchen sparked the fumes and set her hair on fire. She was left with some pretty bad facial disfigurement.

  10. tay says:

    i am sorry but… Nix DOES NOT WORK!! something that will is mayo.. tea tree oil, olive oil, vasoline, baby oil… Those are the things that work Nix doesn’t we went and spent $60 on the nix stuff and it didn’t work

  11. WarmSocks says:

    Pesticides sold as lice treatments are expensive, don’t work, and are contraindicated for people with certain medical conditions.

    It’s much more effective to thoroughly coat the hair with cooking oil or mayonnaise, cover with a shower cap, and wrap in a towel for a couple hours. After that, use a nit-comb. It takes about eight hours to comb a girl’s long hair with a nit comb. Some people don’t know that they have to check eye lashes and eyebrows, too. I have a friend who dealt with lice for three years because she didn’t know that she also had to wash all her kids bedding and clothing, and clean the sofa and chairs.

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