Where’s the Injury?

A new version of Throckmorton’s?


14 Responses to “Where’s the Injury?”

  1. Joan says:

    Is that an “up the coal scuttle” Throckmorton sign?

  2. Mary says:

    Well, his Throckmorten is to the right (*giggle*), but I don’t see anything. I’m hopeless at xrays.

  3. SeaSpray says:

    Okay… my naivete is showing… but erection to the r?

  4. paul says:

    if this has been going on for more than 4 hours he needs to call his doctor!

    at least that’s what the ads tell me.

  5. Nick says:

    Bilateral acetabular Fx. So I guess this would be Throckmorton indecision.

  6. SeaSpray says:

    It’s FRACTURED?!!

    I have wondered what that would look like.

    Poor guy!

  7. throckmorton says:

    Ouch! This Throckmorton’s sign is best seen on Flouro where there is oscillation of the throckmorton indicator. What did he jump off of and how high was it?

  8. Strong One says:

    Looks like morton is throcking in the wrong direction??
    A very penetrating statement I must say.

  9. ERDocMark says:

    Is that a small ureteral calculus at the right UVJ?

  10. Mary says:

    OMG it is a bil acetabular fx! I see it!

    The one on the right looks a little worse though, maybe that’s why little Willy is pointing in that direction?

  11. cynic says:

    Malignant constipation

  12. HA HA HA HA!! I have never heard of that, but now I will have to use it.

  13. daddy dave says:

    i spot an un usuall bonner in the southern area. lmao =D

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