Complaint of the Night #82

Chief complaint written on the chart: Insomnia
Nursing notes state: Patient unable to sleep due to chronic pain in his back after family physician would not refill prescriptions for Dilaudid and Kadian.

I open the door and walk in the room. The patient is laying on his side facing away from me.
“Hi, Mr. VanWinkle, what’s going on with …”
“… your back”

Condition cured.

I have that effect on people.

12 Responses to “Complaint of the Night #82”

  1. petunia says:

    You rock!

    All kidding aside, you have a great blog….
    I look forward to reading it daily. Thanks.

  2. C. says:

    Can you provide the same level of care for my insomnia? With the exception of a broken fibula, no pain. Mind you the busted ankle has no bearing on the insomnia, I just dont sleep. See you in the ED.

  3. paul says:

    ever notice that the cc of insomnia seems to always come in at, like 6am when your overnight is coming to an end?

    uhh, dude it’s morning. go about your day.

  4. Dustin says:

    I’m sure it’s because the beds are so comfortable there in the ED.

  5. sick admission here but i have trolled the fibro online support groups and kadian is becoming quite popular so beware

  6. sleepyjosh says:

    Just curious, for those who work in the ED–how do you guys handle the insomnia crowd?
    Or is the vast majority of the crowd people who show up presenting with Insomnia secondary to [fill in the blank]

  7. cynic says:

    WC did you give him the benefit of the doubt just like this dood? Sorry, had to through you under the bus for that one.


  8. SeaSpray says:

    I’m jealous he got sleep.

    Thinking of going to health food store for melatonin. Anyone know if they still sell that?

  9. Chuck says:

    All I need for insomnia is half of a Benedryl. Then I’m out.

  10. SeaSpray says:

    Thanks Josh. :)

    Yes Chuck… I have gone the Benadryl route on rare occasion but it always has a residual groggy effect on me in the morning. And it is a medication. But…I will use it if I HAVE to sleep and can’t. :)

  11. SeaSpray says:

    Update -I have bought melatonin since this last comment. I got it from costco and it also has a green tea derivative to aid in relaxing/anti-stress.

    I LOVE the product and sleep well using this product. It was $11.89 for 300 tablets.

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