You’re Full of …

Literally. See for yourself.
All the whitish stuff in the middle of the picture from his upper abdomen to the base of his pelvis is stool.
This poor fellow had to have much of his colon removed and needed a colostomy.
Fortunately, he is doing much better postoperatively.


13 Responses to “You’re Full of …”

  1. ERP says:

    I assume this was a bedridden patient – likley with a psych disorder? For some reason we get a fair number of patients like this from a local group home/assisted living centre – massively FOS. I wonder if it is the psych meds or something related to their chronic condition.

  2. TEX says:

    Talk about FOS!

  3. 08armydoc says:

    CoCA? Ogilvie’s? adhesions? ischemic colitis? Interesting that it’s all in his SB with none at all in LB. What was his presentation?

    • Cynic says:


      WC, did you ct this guy ?

    • WhiteCoat says:

      Unsure what the diagnosis was. Only know that he was taken to surgery and had a colectomy performed.
      The x-ray shown was actually his CT scan scout film which showed the extent of the impaction a lot more clearly.

  4. Toxic megacolon maybe? Wow!!!

  5. defendUSA says:

    The only thing I can say is ouch and ouch again.

  6. SeaSpray says:

    How is that even possible?

  7. I am with SeaSpray… incredulous! If it weren’t so obviously painful — and just plain *wrong* — it would seem appropriate to give this man a lifetime achievement award.

    I am glad he is okay and hope that he has the wherewithal to care for his colostomy better than he did his original overburdened parts.

  8. Opiates also….maxed out chronic pain patients plus narcs equals bottles of mag citrate. That pix looks a lot like my adminstrator.

  9. Chrys says:


  10. Don Salva says:

    O shit o.O! No pun intended!

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