WTF Moment #388

Mom brings in her 2 year old child at 11:30 PM last night after she noticed a lump to the child’s kugelsack (“kugel” = “ball” in German – check out the video at the link before it gets pulled down) two days ago while bathing him. Ended up being a small hernia. No big deal.

Why did she wait until 11:30 at night? She was working until 11:00 PM and brought him right after work. OK, seems reasonable.

Why did she bring him to the emergency department on a Saturday night instead of taking him to their primary care physician on Monday? She got freaked out after talking to co-workers.

One told her it was probably cancer.
Another told her that a friend’s child had a blood vessel burst in his penis and nearly died.
A third told her that it may be a congenital malformation where urine is leaking into his scrotum and could lead to kidney failure.

Note to parents: Diagnoses made by non medical personnel who haven’t examined your children are worth just a little less than what you pay for them.

10 Responses to “WTF Moment #388”

  1. Pink says:

    That video was perfect.

  2. Nurse K says:

    Weirdest. Link. Ever.

  3. sleepyjosh says:

    Interesting story. What ever happened to the simple idea of the parent calling the pediatrician’s office (and perhaps having the doctor paged?)

    On an unrelated note, I found the tidbit about the German translation of “kugel” surprising–as from my childhood–Kugel refers to a dish (Grandma makes the best kugels!)

  4. SeaSpray says:

    Ha..I was thinking kegel… what the heck is a kegel sack? My eyes read it… but brain translated differently..too much urology exposure. :)

    I saw that clop and heard it was staged. Funny tho. :)

    Awww.. she just loves her son and got scared.

  5. SeaSpray says:

    Okay..I am tired! kegel instead of kugel and clop instead of clip. *sigh*

  6. Rob says:

    I feel like an idiot for admitting this, but this kinda happened to me once, only I went to my primary physician instead of the ER. I had what I was 99.8889 percent sure was an ingrown hair on my neck right around where my submandibular lymp nodes were. I went to have my teeth cleaned and the dental assistant (yes I took medical advice from a person that takes a six weeks course at everest college.)Freaked out about it. Saying I HAD to get it checked out. so I made an apointment for a Nurse practioner look at me like an idiot. I hadn’t been to the doctor in 8 years, and I came in for THIS? oh well, that’ll teach me to take medical advice from other people. Oh, and yes, it was an ingrown hair.

  7. PJ says:

    Kugel means ball in German /Yiddish.

    The Kugel = Dish confusion sleepyjosh has is probably because his grandmother made noodle kugel, a Yiddish/ Eastern European specialty.

  8. Bastiat's Ghost says:


    Kegel…LOL. A bit Freudian perhaps?

  9. SeaSpray says:

    Ha!Bastiat..with my impressive urologic hx (now healed)… no doubt a Freudian slip! :)

    Interesting how the brain works because my eyes DID read kugel but instantly came away with a kegelsack and I just couldn’t process a mental image of some sack down there.

    Well… I did have the south of the border direction right. I’m just sayin. ;)

  10. red rabbit says:

    Yup; and the video: hilarious. I can’t believe they didn’t include it.

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