The Pinnacle of Success

Every medical blogger aspires to be a calendar doc.

Well my med blogging career is officially complete. I’m Medblog Addict’s Mr. June.

Check out her blog, read my interview, and listen to my new hit country western single “Looks Like I’m Goin’ to the ED

Don’t know where else I can go from here. Maybe a recording contract??

9 Responses to “The Pinnacle of Success”

  1. MonkeyGirl says:

    You know, the more I think about it, the term “ED physician” is kind of sexy … very sexy.
    The fact that you have such a long and complicated explanation, gives you a couple of style points, also.
    In fact, I think I’m going to start a new “let’s call it the ED” petition on my web site.

    BTW, I’m not dead. I’m just moving. (So I wish I was dead.) But my new ER should revive me.

    (Bwwwwaaaaaahahahahaha –

  2. Nurse K says:

    You’d never hear a country bumpkin saying “ED” to refer to the “ER” because everyone would get confused and start calling him Larry Limpdick.

    • WhiteCoat says:

      Good point. Let’s change our language so we don’t hurt the feelings of country bumpkins.
      You make me want to vomick.

  3. Liz says:

    I think you’re a fabulous choice for “Dr. June”!

    Well-spoken (that is, written), always interesting, and committed family man. What’s not sexy about all that?

    I don’t think it’s crazy to call it an ‘ED’. But I still revert to habit and say ‘ER’.


  4. DreamingTree says:

    Great interview! Especially liked that you left a bag of candy for the nurses (yes…chocolate gets me every time…).

  5. You need an agent???

  6. SeaSpray says:

    I just want to add to my previous response in MbA’s comments..I also crack up that you get riled up and start walking and raising up on your toes.

    I think if I worked with you I’d occasionally want to get a little pool going for which one is likely to bring that trait out. ;)

    I was on the deck by the pool today and I almost drank a BUG today… a big…okay… medium brown one. Had the cup almost to my lips ready to take a gulp.. good thing I looked or I would’ve swallowed it. Freaked me out..just a little but then I began to get amused..as I am grinning now… because I thought of that twangy voice of yours singing “I’m goin to the ED” and Imagined you singing…*I almost drank a BUG today* and then heard your musical sound effects. That song is stuck in my head. :)

  7. MT says:

    I just listened to your recording… OMG!If this is not raw talent, I don’t know what is. You should take Mottsapplesauce offer. :-D

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