Why Pelvic Exams Were Difficult in Our ED

Vag speculumNo lights.

Some dood or doodette (as Nurse K calls them) keeps stealing the light setups for the specula.

So we have a bunch of the clear plastic specula, but no black wired light setup to fit inside of them and light them up.

Now we’re back to using flashlights with the specula to look inside.

Why would patients do such a thing?

Word out on the street is that the lights are really good to use when fixing your car.

You can’t go to WallyWorld and spend $15 on a LED penlight?

Here’s some advice: Replacement bulbs for the speculum lights run about $30, so don’t plan on using the light after the bulb burns out. You can just come to our ED and steal another one.

Oh, and if you grabbed the light from the dirty utility room, chances are that any odors you come across probably aren’t related to your vehicle.

Still want to keep the light on your workbench?

20 Responses to “Why Pelvic Exams Were Difficult in Our ED”

  1. scalpel says:

    Welch Allyn makes an awesome cordless LED light for those plastic speculums (speculae?).

  2. Kim says:

    People are so weird.

  3. SeaSpray says:

    Maybe they want to play “Doctor” as in “Oh DOCtor!” ;)

    Cartoon funny.

    And re: used speculum from stranger..YUK!

  4. CardioNP says:

    If they can’t go to Wallyworld to buy tylenol or ibuprofen you certainly can’t expect them to buy an LED light can you?
    (or was that a rhetorical question?)

  5. Doc99 says:

    Whatever happened to el cheapo goosenecked lamp?

  6. justsomedoc says:

    It’s not surprising. At our clinic we replace rechargeable otoscopes, which are no good once the battery peters out, with great regularity.

  7. Andrew says:

    We’ve got a nice flexible light that attaches to the wall next to the exam table. You’d need a screwdriver to steal that. Of course we stock the plastic speculums but NOT the light that actually fits them, so go figure. Maybe too many of them went missing. There might be a reason we lock that room when no one’s in it. I can see a lot of the happy fun time supplies walking away.

  8. SumDood says:

    I’m wondering why you say “were difficult,” WC? Are they no longer difficult? Do you bring in your own cordless headlamp, or something?

    I suppose with a wall-mounted lamp and a head mirror you can do ENT&G :D

    Otorhinolaryngogynecology, lol.

    • WhiteCoat says:

      They got replacements – lots of cars to fix in the community, you know.
      I actually carry a mini-maglight with me everywhere I go. Have found creative ways to use that in the past.

  9. AussieRN says:

    This must be a worldwide phenonomen. In my maternity unit in Australia we are always to replace our speculum light too. Darn thing always goes missing never to be found again.

  10. ERP says:

    Exactly what happened to us. We got these fancy removable lights and voila! they were all stolen within a month. Now it is back to the overhead lights.

  11. Nurse K says:

    We have overhead lights and the rolly goosenecked light, so people steal our breathalyzers instead.

  12. Katherine says:

    Wait, when I get my smear done my doctor lights up my vag? TMI man. I prefer to lie there and pretend nothing is happening but now next time I go in there I will be thinking about this. :(

    • EAST says:

      And now I’ll be wondering if LED or Fluorescent makes a big difference while “perusing” down there….

    • Teresa says:

      The proper term is “spelunking” not “perusing.”

    • Marilyn says:

      LOL Katherine!

      Last year I had the joy of THREE pelvic invasions. I got real sick with what later turned out to be diverticulitis, but ended up with a pelvic from the urgent care doc (a stranger) another pelvic invasion for the trans-vaginal ultrasound, then my regular from the OB-GYN. Omg what an awful year!

      Payback from avoiding the GYN for the 5 years previous I guess.

  13. WhiteCoat says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the twists and turns these comment sections take sometimes.

    • Marilyn says:

      LOL. Very funny post.

      All my docs wear the LED headlamp. They don’t store them or leave them in the exam rooms, they always go somewhere else to get them.

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