Bad Ink

Reading through my news feeds, clicked on a link to the Chicago Tribune, and then pictures of Obama Halloween masks caught my eye. Took a look at those. Strange enough.
When I clicked back to the Chicago Tribune home page I saw a picture of a criminal mug shot showing a dude with a tattoo across his forehead, so I clicked that link out of curiosity. I can’t look at some of these pictures without laughing out loud. If one of these guys came up to me and demanded my wallet at gunpoint, I’d prolly be dead because I’d just bust out laughing. Especially the Joker on the bottom and Gold Monotooth Dude with a Bennie inked on his neck. What a rip.

3 Responses to “Bad Ink”

  1. SeaSpray says:

    Ugh! CREEPY! they’d SCARE

  2. SeaSpray says:

    meant to say ..they’d SCARE me.

  3. Mottsapplesauce says:

    Mr Monotooth also has his eyebrows tatooed on…
    holy cow!

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