Had a couple of things come up and am going to be away from the computer until next week.

Enjoy all the other great blogs on my blog links page in the meantime. If your blog isn’t on the list, drop a comment in the comments section on the page and I’ll add it when I get back.

If you’re interested in doing a guest post in my absence, there’s an open mic. Whip something up and submit it to the editors at EP Monthly (editor@epmonthly.com). The jucier, the better.

Let’s see what you’ve got.

4 Responses to “Break”

  1. DreamingTree says:

    Enjoy the week (I hope…).

    FYI — maybe I’m blind, but your blog links page doesn’t have a comments section.

    • WhiteCoat says:

      You aren’t blind. I can’t find it either – even though the “allow comments” box is checked on the back side.
      Have to change the statement to have everyone send me an e-mail at “whitecoat@epmonthly.com” if you want me to add your blog.

  2. Have a great break, bud.

  3. SeaSpray says:

    Have a great week WC! :)

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