You Don’t See This Every Day

I heard stories of something like this happening during my residency training in a large city hospital, only in my case, it was a psych patient trying to escape from the guarded psych room. I thought it was just one of those urban legends.

Here’s proof from Serenity Now Hospital – pictures and all – that patients really do try to escape the emergency department by crawling through the ceiling.

Unfortunately, the tensile strength of ceiling tile usually has an adverse effect on those attempts.


4 Responses to “You Don’t See This Every Day”

  1. Larsitron says:

    This happened in Rochester, NY yesterday. Must be a common motif.


  2. design42 says:

    Hilarious – would have loved to witness it. Hopefully my ER clerkship will be equally entertaining!

  3. ERP says:

    Not fair. That guy just has too much good blogging material!

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