An ER Doc in Haiti – The Series

I wasn’t aware, but EP Monthly has been publishing Dr. Plaster’s reports from Haiti in real-time.

Here’s a link to all his posts. Definitely some things that you don’t read about in the newspapers.

He’s coming home now as larger organizations step up their efforts to assist those in need of care.

2 Responses to “An ER Doc in Haiti – The Series”

  1. Again, a big thanks to you for bringing Dr. Plaster’s journey to our attention. Well done.

  2. Good luck says:

    Dr. Plaster: I can respect the value of the experience for those in their medical training. I hope that you were successful in your mission. Sometimes I have joked about the USA’s priorities, but I understand how important this work is to you and your colleagues for the service aspects of your training. I can respect your efforts in showing how this can be an important learning experience.

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